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... Since 1928.

for Many Years

phillip roy blue

Jasper County Abstract Company, Inc.

was founded in 1928 by Philip Roy Blue. Mr. Blue was a school teacher, public official, lawyer, and Abstractor of Land Titles.

In 1947 his son John S. Blue and Johns' wife Sarah became the owners of Jasper County Abstract Company, inc. (JCAC) Mr. and Mrs. John Blue carried forward the management and the operation of the company, building on established traditions, while constantly developing new industry standards in the field of Abstract and Titles Insurance. In 1978 the company grew with the employment of Frank B. Schantz, Jr., adding the expertise of Mr. Schantz to the pool of JCAC's experience. In 1979, Melinda (Blue) Schantz became an employee of Jasper County Abstract Company, Inc. As the daughter of John and Sarah, she had been indoctrinated from an early age to a strict code of ethics, unsurpassed attention to detail, and extreme level of professionalism. In 2004 Mr. and Mrs. Schantz secured ownership, and accepted the privilege and responsibility to the oversight of Jasper County Abstract Company, Inc.

Today, through providing service to Jasper and surrounding Indiana counties, Mr. and Mrs. Schantz perpetuate the standards set forth by their company's founder over 85 years ago. By their continued building of trust in our communities, and constantly dedication to setting new industry benchmarks, Jasper County Abstract Company, Inc. is always advancing in the Land Title Industry.

the Title Plant

title plant

Jasper County Abstract Company, Inc.

is the only Title Insurance Company in Jasper County, Indiana that maintains a complete Title Plant from government patent. The scope of information managed via this Title Plant encompasses a unbroken set of land ownership records dating back through the early 1800's. The details contained by these records not only set a precedent for legal chain of ownership in regard to real estate transactions, but additionally hold a unique HISTORIC VALUE. The earliest transactions are preserved via hand-written Bound Tract Books penned by hand in their original ink which caption records dating back to 1847.

Today Jasper County Abstract Co., Inc. continues to build and maintain the counties oldest Title Plant through the use of a custom, technologically advanced, computerized system. This automated, IN-HOUSE ARCHIVE is a total indexing of all county documents related to real estate transactions and ownership. Information in the Title Plant is updated and expanded daily. This assures in the efficiency and accuracy in the retrieval of records, setting an INDUSTRY STANDARD that is second to none.

Our Team

Melinda (Blue) Schantz

melinda schantz

Mrs. Melinda Schantz is a life-long resident of Jasper County, Indiana. She holds multiple advanced degrees, including those in accounting and computer science. She has served on the board of directors with the Indiana Land Title Associations as well as holding committee position for the American Land Title Association. Mrs. Schantz serves as President of JCAC, Inc.. She operates as Manager for our company, and is a specialist of Title Examination and Closings.

Franklin B. Schantz, Jr.

frank schantz

Mr. Frank Schantz, originally from Portsmouth, Virginia, moved to Jasper County, Indiana in 1973. He became an associate with JCAC, Inc. while attending St. Joseph's College in 1978, adding to our pool of experience with a background in computer science, production technology, and information management. Mr. Schantz serves as Secretary/Treasurer of JCAC, Inc.. He operates as Manager for our Title Production department, and is Administrator of the JCAC, Inc. Title Plant.

Andrea Watson

andrea watson

Mrs. Andrea Watson is also a life-long resident of Jasper County, Indiana. She joined the JCAC, Inc. family in 1986. As an associate she began her career by executing the duties of Title Searcher, retreiving and compiling documents for title examination. She is directly responsible for the maintenance of the JCAC, Inc. Title Plant. She operates as Title Services Coordinator, organizing activity between the Title Production department and our Title Plant.

business award

Our Commitment

Jasper County Abstract Company, Inc.

values the input of our clients above all else. We are dedicated to the assurance that each transaction receives the utmost attention to detail and accuracy. Our goal is to provide each client with courteous, expedient, professional service of the highest caliber.

We'll present the pinnicle of performance in the development of your Land Title Search & issuance of products, while providing you with a pleasurable and comprehensive real estate closing experience. We settle for nothing less.

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